• Q2 2022
    • Team begins explorering the aptos-core protocol aft
    • Team examines the potential of the Move contract language
  • Q3 2022
  • creation of explorer to create a simple ui to investigate apps in the aptos ecosystem
  • connecting with other protocols and builders on aptos
  • integrated fewcha + martian wallet
  • experiment with aptos tools(validators,nodes,cli,sdk)
  • gathered deployed dapp contracts addresses for module explorer

AIT3 : current network phase

  • build out staking interface to support multi-validator staking and sale of staked positions
  • up our interaction with the community
  • participate in twitter spaces with other aligned protocols
  • outreach to oracle, ecosystem and security partners
  • run test nodes for website interface

AIT4 - last phase before launch

for AIT4 our staking UI will be live, allowing validator operators to list their node on our UI and for a traditional user to deploy stake to a pool of validator(s). on deposit of stake users get a Token will be.

during this phase we will also be indexing validator performance to select validators for our curated multi-validator stake pools

Aptos Mainnet Launch

we are aiming to launch the following features

  • supporting 3-5 defi protocols on Aptos for swaps, pools etc.
  • support 4 wallets
  • protocol managed staking mechanism
  • multi-strat/LP pools
  • transaction + Dapp module explorer

After mainnet launch

once core staking and yield mechanisms are built out we are going to shift our focus towards building out our Dao and iterating on our implementation of Composables and

more info about the Dao can be found here link

Our Goals

  • provide users with an in

  • capture at least 8% of the staking marketshare on aptos

  • allow institutions to easy manage stake across multiple validators