Stake with Seam

Seam allows users to deploy and manage stake across multiple validators and transfer the ability to claim the stake deposit plus accrued yield(staking fees

Nextra Example

How you can deploy stake to validators with seam

flow 1 - currated validator sets * user selects a stake period * deploy stake accross 4 high-performance validators(strong voting record) not at staking capacity motivations: user does not operate a validator user is uncomfortable deploying and managing stake via the CLI user would like to speculate

flow 2: user selected validator set - user stakes on validators of their choosing


  • user operates validators and would like to optimize capital accross their set
  • user would like to adjust their exposure to staked asset

result: user holds a Token minted by the seam protocol which when transfered back to the protocol is redemed for the initial stake and the stake fees generated during the duration that they held the

After Staking

after a user has created the position above they are able to manage it the following ways

claim rewards

in the aptos staking mechanism rewards are Distributed at the end of every epoch. At this time at this time users can claim their stake rewards with

sell staked position

sell on the 'open market' - via our app or any nft marketplace

sale formats: * fixed price * dutch auction (decending price auction,price lowers at a set rate, no time limit) * traditional auction (buyer sets opening price and time limit) motivation: * staker no longer wants their funds tied up * staker believes current value of staked position is greater than the value at unlock

this sale could be denominated in any coin, but to pull apart the motivations of each party lets assume it was sold for the same asset that was staked

result(original staker): staker created an mechanism to speculate on net value of staked asset + stake yield result(buyer): buyer now holds the right right to claim stake rewards, relock and claim the stake deposit at the end of the time lock

conditionally sell position(portion or whole)

the provider of stake would like to hedge their risk they can add a conditional on their stake deposit. some examples of conditions might be price of APT on a dex on aptos